Wednesday, February 2, 2011

SGA Meeting 2/1/2011 + Some Encounters!

Was at the SGA Meeting last night obviously, here are some highlights:
  • Stephon Dingle ate a banana
  • Kelly Smolinsky talked about changes to Room Draw (how you pick your housing for next year) and implied that Advising Day is not just for Mati Tais and Bon-Bons.  Not sure if I agree with her sentiment
  • At one point people kept saying mandate, so I started thinking about 'Man Dates' and I giggled a lot.
  • Other stuff happened blah blah blah
Also some encounters I recently had:
  • Last night at Dinner Marlena and I were hungry after a Mold Ad-Hoc Committee meeting so we went up to the great room to look for someone to swipe us in, since we both do not have meal plans. I asked a random girl to swipe us in and she did!  I do not know who she is, but thank you!  I should have asked her name maybe.
  • I was walking into Schaefer Hall today and a girl on crutches was coming out, and then she held the door open for me!  Holding the door open for people is pretty common here I think, but I have never someone who was injured hold a door open for me.  It was very kind of her!  But I think if I was in crutches I would have maybe not done this.  Not sure!
  • Roommate came home last night and said 'water' at least one hundred times.


  1. Water water water water water.

    There's 105!!

  2. "Stephon Dingle ate a banana"

    for some reason the funniest thing I have ever read, and will spend the rest of the night picturing this.