Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Skunk PANIC!

Recently there was a sick skunk that was disposed of on campus.  I think this means they 'killed it' via shooting it or something, not really sure how you 'dispose' of something living.

Anyways, it would appear that it sprayed skunk spray/poop all around Warring Commons (another reason WC is a horrible horrible place [not really] and that no one should live there) which is pretty lame.

Either way, wonder why skunks are so prevalent on campus.  Theories

  • Secret government program
  • Jurgo/Maggie O brought them
  • Optimal skunk environment
  • SEAC is raising them for ecoterrorism purposes
  • [insert your own theory via leaving a comment yall]
ps:  google image searching 'skunk' results in a fucking lot of pictures of some weird looking plant, not sure what it is, maybe some sort of invasive weed?
Anyone know what this nonsense is???

<3 u all


  1. haha i saw the email and i thought 'haha there is no way ken will let this one go!' thanks for being a dependable if not official SM newsman

    -anonymous lover (call me, there is a glory hole at books)

  2. glorious, I usually go wednesday morns

  3. I suspect that the skunks are really evolved forms of our long-lost school peacocks. Can you see the similarities?

  4. Dude, we had a skunk stuck in one of the buildings in Historic St. Mary's City this summer. Apparently he kept going in and would just come back when they moved him. Animal control shot the thing 4 times. And then they shot it again 5 minutes later. Had to be the most badass skunk ever.

  5. skunk weed is strong weed. pee your pants weed

  6. god, i missed you all summer.

  7. sometimes that invasive weed invades your lungs and you lose all control of bodily functions and poop yourself, which also smells like skunk so I would be inclined to believe there are far less skunks on campus than you think and actually a lot of pot-smoking, pants-pooping hippies