Monday, August 30, 2010

Solo Cups

Seems like, according to what RAs said during Townhouse meeting, that Solo Cups are a free pass for outdoor drinking.  What they told us was that they can't 'check solo cups or really know what's in them' which kinda reminds me of like, brown bagged 40s in Baltimore.  I think it's probably more than just a Baltimore thing, but I feel like it is a large part of like, Baltimore culture/heritage?  It's definitely something I'm proud of.

Anyways, maybe this is something they are telling us to be chill and allow us to drink on our patios on the townhouses, and they hope that we don't exploit it and just drink anywhere?  Is this official policy?  Just real confusing because...seems weird I guess?  Can we brown bag our alcohol?

I guess what I'm saying is that the way they told us of this policy that 'Well we don't know what is in it, so we can't do anything' is really vague, and I would prefer that they just say something like...use an unmarked container and we can't say anything.  Are clear glasses okay, or do the containers need to be opaque?

Am I just looking too deeply into this?  Probably.  Regardless, roommate bought a 250 pack of solo cups.  <3 u roommates.


  1. It was like this last year, except no one had any idea. Seriously, as long as it was in a cup last year, it was allowed outside. Hell, we even used pint glasses a few times. Neither RA's nor PS ever once mentioned anything.

  2. According to Clint Neill, this is not OK, just as an FYI.

    I feel like they're doing this as a courtesy thing since it will only be nice outside for a short while slash to keep an eye on everyone getting CrUuUnZzzZ

  3. During Orientation Clint told all the OL's that as long as your alcohol is in an unlabeled container they cannot ask you to pour it out. Including solo cups. However, RA's will still probably go on power trips and ask you to pour your shit out.

  4. As long as you don't give them a reason to ask (i.e. act really drunk), they're not really supposed to check your drink. Buuuttt RAs still might because they're assholes.

    Also, the paper bag thing is definitely everywhere. That's also why so many people have bottle cozies at the beach!

  5. Can I just say....I like to get drunk/occasionally fucked up, but is anyone else concerned by the level of douche baggery (especially in LQ)which goes along with mentioned alcohol? For example, the pathetic coining of a few LQ suites as "Frat row"? This is not WVU. WHAT DOES IT EVEN MEAN FOR A FEMALE TO "WHYLLE OUT A FUCK?!"
    Get drunk...fine. Get laid...fine. Disrespect women and make an ass out of yourself....not fine, but it will happen anyways.

  6. bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch