Thursday, August 5, 2010

Help Kait Hines

Kait Hines sent some people a message about working on the school website, and she has a quick survey.  If you would like to complete it go ahead and leave your response in the comments.  Also I've included my answer.

1. What has been your favorite housing at St. Mary's and why? (you can include a favorite memory as a reason for any of these if you'd like)

I've never lived in Dorchester, but what a magical place

2. Where is the best place to study on campus?

I think library

3. What's the best academic building?

4. What's your favorite spot on campus?

Benches overlooking water near garden of remembrance


  1. 1. Crescents
    2. My room, at my desk
    3. Monty
    4. (I'll agree with Ken) Benches overlooking the water by the Garden of Remembrance

  2. 1. LQ--I loved living near everyone and them all the time.
    2. In my bed.
    3. Monty.
    4. It would either on the overhang by the water by the graveyard (near Bernice) or where they put all of the old wood and stuff off of Mattapany.

  3. omg KENT Benches.... that's you! is it a secret code in your answer?

  4. ....oh my god Kent Benches, lollin hard.

    Okay also have yall heard 'Ken Binges' I like that one a lot (via alcoholism)

  5. 1. queen anne has a nice porch and is always clean:)calvert also has a nice porch. all buildings need porches installed.

    2. my bed/graveyard

    3. ann arundel :(

    4. my favorite spots are probably in historic. or the point. hm. on campus i guess that little footbridge over the outlet for the pond.

  6. 1. Calvert
    2. library
    3. Kent
    4. CC balcony/patio OR the cemetery

  7. 1. Calvert, back when it was all about the balcony, banjos, and bongs.

    2. Outside, particularly the hill behind Monty.

    3. Monty.

    4. The benches outside of Monty. Get a tan, do some work, holler at friends who pass by the circle, yell at guys in Dorch playing video games so loud you can hear it in the theater... good times.

  8. 1. LQ international house FOR SURE. You can't dislike watching Eurotrip with a housefull of foreigners.

    2. Study? Why would I do that? But I guess I've always chosen outside in the grass.

    3. Monty!! It's got everything!

    4. The bench near the docks that's off to the side and kind of hidden.

  9. 1. Calvert. That place is made of magic.

    2. Math lounge. The math lounge is a wonderful, not-well-known gem where people go to sleep when they should be studying.

    3. Monty, even though I've managed to never have a class there. :(

    4. Campus center patio. Fantastic people watching place. I usually have a set schedule of people watching there.

  10. Thanks guys!!! This helps a lot!

  11. 1. WC- nicest and cleanest, plus I have a bike and don't mind the distance from everything

    2. The area in the library with the couches and comfy chairs that overlooks the pond and river

    3. What's the best academic building?
    Kent, for sure

    4. What's your favorite spot on campus?
    The waterfront