Wednesday, September 17, 2008

1 Month

This Saturday will mark the one month anniversary of me being back on campus. I totally forgot about this blog but when I was at the SGA meeting I remembered it. So...

In coming weeks I will be live-blogging the SGA meetings. At the 9/16 meeting there was some cool stuff

-New club about Brazillian karate dancing

But more importantly some new information about building progress. I've seen this presentation like 3 times now, but this time there was some new info!

Okay so most everyone has heard about the plans for the Amphitheater between Monty and Schaefer right? And like most people, I thought it would be one of those Roman amphitheaters with the rows of seats in a clam shape? Like

But really it's very SMCM with lots of green space, the Big tree near Schaefer will remain, and the new space is a lot nicer than that fucking ridiculous pillow mound of earth that is currently there. So wait until you see drawings of the plans before you pass judgment. I'm trying to get some of the drawings so that I can post them here.

Other ideas for building include:

-Second Pier next to the original
-Walkway across Rt. 5 into a New building that takes the place of demolished Anne Arrundel and Maggie Brent.
-Musical center/lecture hall possibly on the field that are connected to the Crescents. At first I was surprised by this, but this would leave half of the field empty to become a Green Space, much like The Greens for the other townhouses.

Another issue brought up was rising tuition costs and how the students feel about it. Rodkey brought up a key issue that I thought was important, that rising costs really change the feel of SMCM. Personally I feel that as tuition rises, bros/yuppies increase and hippies decrease. And regardless of how you feel about either, such a change in the ratio really affects the feel of SMCM. Personally I look at SMCM and think of affordable, small, and public, all of which change as tuition increases. Obviously there need to be some increases what with inflation and all, but I think they need to consider the broader impact that such changes create.

Senior Class Crab feast! Last day to buy tickets is this Friday, and they are 25$. Go to it!

This has been a stupidly long post so I will stop here.

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