Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Live-Blogging SGA meeting

This is my live-blogging attempt of the SGA meeting.

8:06 - Meeting hasn't started yet but there are a lot of non SGA members here. Women's Rugby, Powervote/SEAC, and another group of like 10 that I don't recgonize

8:07 - Kalada gave me mad props for blogging this.

8:13 - Powervote people talked and handed out their cards. They were enthused.

8:15 - Sustainability Committee is here. I have no idea what they are saying but I see a powerpoint. This looks really fucking boring. But they have done some cool stuff in the past like CFL exchange (bring in shitty lightbulbs for CFLs), and they got the SGA to fund that Geothermal Heat pump for the river center. For the future they are trying to get a trayless dining hall, which I think is really awesome because people take a lot less food, and it's so much less trash. Also we will all get free trays for sitting on! There is this one guy with a weird accent but I can't figure out where he was born.

People coming up to the SGA are always like "please pass this, it would really help" and honestly I don't think we ever say no, except maybe if someone asks for excessive funding, but that doesn't come up during SGA meetings, just Finance Board Club meetings etc.

8:23 - There is a chart of energy usage. It went down in 2007, but now it has gone back up which is lame. I blame this on Call of Duty 4 and Xbox360 in general, bitch takes a lot of energy to power. Also, the new AC units in PG can be turned to 50 degrees which is really cold and probably wasts a lot of energy.

8:33 - Care 4 your campus week - cool stuff all week from the 30th to the 4th. On the 4th is a Community Market which is pretty rad. O god it's 8:33 and we haven't done anything.

8:35 - Kids Club. This is what that unknown group of 10 people was. They want to have a club that focuses on organizing kids games like Red Rover, Hopscotch, etc. Sounds like and idea that was made while drunk, but I'm really excited about it if they organize a bunch of stuff. Like I said we vote "yes" on everything as this club just got passed at 8:38.

8:39 - St. Mary's Puzzlers Club. This sounds fucking retarded. You don't need to form an official club to get people together to make puzzles. Oh but they want to make puzzle shaped cookies and sell them. I abstained from voting.

8:42 - Powervote resolution. I thought about sponsoring this but I didn't feel like hitting "respond" on my email client. Powervote is cool but I don't see why people still put faith in the Youth Movement. It never did anything in the 90's, in 00', 04', nor will it ever. It got passed of course while I was typing this. If the youth vote has any kind of increase over 10% I will be amazed.

8:44 - The Point News wants a camera. Holy shit 3000 for a camera that will be for photos in a newspaper. A newspaper that is often in black and white. At least they have a powerpoint. Oh but apparently said photos will be used on the website. So in that case I can see them wanting such a camera. I don't know what website they are talking about though. OOOOOOO Apparently The Point News will have a website. I hope it's a blog because then we can compete! Their powerpoint is pretty sweet and actually shows how much better the new camera is. I think the guy doing the powerpoint is calling us stupid or something for not understanding his powerpoint photoes. He is a douche. Guy in charge of point news photography is a douche.

9:00 - Ugh we have been debating this for fifteen minutes.

Oh shit Jeremy Penver was like "shut up Senate we have discussed this a lot in the Executive Board and we want it"

OH SNAP Rodkey wants to wait for the full Senate to vote on it.

I just abstained from voting on whether or not to send it to Finance Board. "I" won and it is going to finanace board wooooo

9:06 - Stipends for Recycling and Composting Coordinators. They each get 200$, I think per semester. It's pretty rad. I am in favor of this. It got passed!

9:26 - There have been a bunch of reports from the various important people. New thing is every club will get a webpage on www.smcm.edu RAD!

About to do my report from PG. Talked about shower curtains being too small, lack of hooks, stolen ping pong table and couch.

Dorchester denied all of my claims. They are whores


SGA is boring as always

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  1. can we please bring the puzzlers club back?