Monday, September 29, 2008

The Terrified Pedstrian

Today the new SMCM Bike shop opened up, dubbed "The Terrified Pedestrian". Since my bike's front tire no longer holds air, I decided to stop by for the grand opening.

The shop is in Queen Anne, right across from the Co-Op. I don't know what it is about Queen Anne, but they have all the cool activity rooms. I mean Dorch has saferide, but PG and Caroline have club storage rooms and extra bike racks. For reals, a Vegan Co-Op, Bike shop, and Womyn's Center! Regardless, the Bike shop room appears to be the old FreeRide room. I was never around for FreeRide so I can't confirm.

There were three guys in there, some of whom I hope to have on my radio show this Thursday. My biggest issue was that when I went their bike pump didn't work. It's a really basic thing, so hopefully they'll get it fixed, but it does seem a bit ridiculous.

Regardless, they have free bike repair and seem to be pretty knowlegable, and it's good to see the that old FreeRide bikes are being put to good use.

Their hours are something like Monday through thursday 9-5

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