Tuesday, September 30, 2008

SGA meeting 9/30

SGA meeting tonight. I am really excited because we will be discussing the changes in "To The Point" concerning the changes regarding Protesting and Demonstrations. Lots of new people here, including fellow PG Senator Brian Van Parys. Also Dean Bayless should show up to somehow try to say that the changes aren't illegal.

8:20 - The Point News guys are back. And they have the same presentation. Kinda annoying but this time the whole three thousand dollar camera went through Finance Board and Media Board, so I'm okay with it. The Point News is planning to create a new website, probably within a few weeks, which is pretty awesome. They will be our main competition. We will crush them.

8:34 - SafeRide is trying to expand to Wednesdays. I hope it passesO god Farkas is talking. Okay it passed sweet we can go to Boatman's now

8:40 - O man here it is, the Demonstration Clause debate. First meeting for the Ad Hoc committee is Monday at NC 18 at 8PM. Okay Ad Hoc Committee is a go, I will probably attend if possible. But I am on Duty so I guess I can't. Also Bayless didn't say anything about it lol

8:49 - Windsurfing club is proposing a major expansion of the Waterfront. They want to buy a bunch of windsurf boards, much like the dozen or so sailboats for general student usage. They are really committed to teaching students that have never windsurfed how to windsurf which is awesome. I just had diahrrea but I don't think I missed anything. Okay they got their windsurfing boards woooo I'm going to check this out sometime.

9:18 - People are debating stupid stuff in the SGA constitution.

9:29 - blah blah blah

9:36 - Oh my god the 2012 President is going on and on about changes that she wants. It's ridiculous.

9:48 - Kevin Baier just got owned

9:50 - New commuter senator in my history of modern china class is boring as fuck

9:52 - People laughed when Brian brought up the fact that our ping pong table is missing. They are meanies

9:53 - Meeting Adjourned lololol

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