Saturday, September 20, 2008


At SMCM we have satellite TV, however there were a few major issues.

The current lineup was missing Food Network, Bravo, and Disney Channel.

Today an email was sent out with a new listing, and the SMCM TV network now has Food Network and Boomerang. Boomerang is great because they show stuff like Voltron, which is probably one of the greatest shows to watch while drinking. And Food Network of course has Alton Brown and Paula Deen, probalby the dreamiest woman ever.

So, SMCM has improved greatly over the past day. I don't really watch that much TV, but the addition of Food Network and Boomerang is amazing and I am super happy.

Also PG Senator Benjes is taking credit for the addition of Food Network, because he promised his constituents that he would accomplish this. So you can thank Senator Benjes for the addition of Food Network by giving him presents and your love.

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