Thursday, September 25, 2008

Genderless Orgasm Workshop

Last night FUSE (Feminists United for Sexual Equality) had a workshop titled "Having a Genderless Orgasm". It was based on breathing exercises and mental movement of energy through the body.

I thought it might just be a lot of newage spiritual shit, but it was really interesting and I had a really mind blowing experience. There were also a lot of guys there (by a lot I mean like 10%), so if you've thought about FUSE but feel alienated then you should check it out anyway.

The workshop was hosted by Barbara Carrellas, who was just amazing. She had a perfect mix of spirituality and realism that made it enjoyable regardless of your feelings on meditation and breathing exercises.

So in summary I had a genderless orgasm and it was amazing.

Oh and Barbara has a book if you want to check it out yo

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