Sunday, June 15, 2008

College Park

I am currently in College Park visiting a friend. It's really nice here. I like the fact that they have like...stores and such.

For reals though it's awesome how they can just walk to the DC Metro station and go to DC and see bands play music whenever they want.

And it's a really nice looking campus. It's really well put together; like St. Mary's is beautiful, but I think a lot of the beauty, especially on South Campus, is just how random the setup is. Like WC has a great design and everything, but it's too much like College Park in that it's all well designed. But then you come down to the hill and see three dorms in a semi circle, with Monty in the middle.

I don't know, maybe it's hard to explain and I'm just bad at explaining, but there's really no overall design idea behind St. Mary's, it was just built as needed. And that's a lot what I find beautiful about it, that it just feels natural and not preplanned. That there are still woods and swamps to explore, and areas of campus that you'll never see if you don't try to find them.

But seriously, I wish we had some fucking public transportation down hurrrr

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