Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Tuition to be Reduced by 8.6%

Wait, seriously? Tuition is going down? By 8.6%?

This is crazy awesome news. The rate reduction only affects in-state students, which I guess sucks for out of state students but it makes sense considering the money is coming from the MD General Assembly.

All of this is due to Chip Jackson, I'm pretty sure. Also Senator Roy Dyson. Roy Dyson is a pretty good senator because he immediately made a beeline towards the bar when he came to the legislative reception. Longtime readers will know of my undying love for Chip Jackson, even though sometimes he thinks my name is Ben.

Look at that handsome devil w/interim prezzy Newbould (also Chip Jackson is there).

Hopefully this signals increased support from the state government. One reason that tuition has gone up at many colleges is because the state support has not increased as quickly as inflation (or at least I am pretty sure this is true ???)

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