Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Annapolis Legislative Reception

Wow the Annapolis Legislative Reception! One of the BEST Alumni Events (other than Alumni Weekend, Hawktoberfest, Orioles game). I am a big fan of this event. Last year I met some cool 'senators,' a real life Leslie Knope, and even saw a Mom get her daughter a job. I'm pretty sure that is networking???

First there was Senator Roy Dyson. I was getting a Heineken (s/o to beer my dad likes) when he came in, and immediately came over to join me. We shook hands and I told him a pretty dumb joke and long story short I don't see myself as very good at networking. Later on he gave a speech (pictured below~)

Wow look @ that great posture

So then James P Muldoon (dude who built the River Center with his bare hands and owns the boat DONNYBROOK came over to drink wine with us. He seemed very interested in us but we were pretty focused on getting more free crabcakes.

Man look at that sweet red tie and suit that probably exceeds my paycheck. Yo let us take a closer look at that watch~

WOW EXCLUSIVE LOOK AT A SMALL SECTION OF JAMES P MULDOON'S WATCH huh not really sure what kind of a watch it is but I'm assuming it is one of those Burger King Jurassic Park watches circa 1994

Also he is SO FANCY that he has his initials stitched onto his shirt. Not really sure what the purpose behind this is. Maybe rich dudes have sweet Roman-style orgies and afterwards they want to make sure they put the correct clothes back on ???

Sorry for the blurry image but it says "JPM" which could also stand for JURASSIC PARK MOVIE. It all makes sense now...

And lastly we have a beautiful image of tru love

Larry MacCurtain proposing to someone!!! Wish u the best bb!!!

JUST KIDDING ONE EXTRA PHOTO a great shot of Michelle DiMenna strugglin'

u go girl~!!!

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