Tuesday, April 22, 2014

SGA 4/22

8:22 - Last SGA meeting of the year. Will miss u SGA, maybe... idk really.
8:23 - Michael Gass and Bongwater are talking… about emergency texts. a lot of schools have this system but SMCM doesn’t.
8:30 - Andrew Wilhelm is thanking Michael Gass and JAG.
8:30 - We’re finally getting this because it’s cheap now.
8:31 - lost and found won’t go out through this system.
8:34 - JAG is talking about food services and laundry now.
8:35 - We can get the Green Bean back but we’d have to get rid of the Pub’s liquor license. People aren’t drinking enough of the Pub. I’ve never drank at the Pub but I like the novelty of telling people that we serve alcohol on campus idk.
8:36 - Laundry next year is going to be really cool. We’re getting clothes bins in the laundry rooms.
8:39 - FREE LAUNDRY ON CAMPUS ALL YEAR ROUND. get excited. it’s nice that we have free laundry during the school year. No one would do laundry if we had to pay.
8:40 - JAG needs input on paint colors.
8:41 -- We’re actually getting new channels of places on campus. (remember this: https://twitter.com/SMCMLOL/status/435964864788307968)
8:42 -- Evan just told JAG to get back on topic.
8:44 -- Some first year just asked what the Green Bean is. I feel old.
8:46 -- Jonathan Holtzman is calling the new coke machine inefficient and a waste of energy. I think Jonathan cares about this coke machine more than anyone else on campus.
8:48 -- they’re putting artwork in the old upper deck area.. what kind of art?!
8:50 -- Staff will be “repurposed”
8:51 -- Shelby Perkins said that being able to buy alcohol at the Pub makes you feel old in a good way.
8:51 -- “Drink with your Professors” monthly event
8:52 -- Heber says that in the ‘70s, the student union had kegs so people wouldn’t have to go to the Door.
8:55 -- Shelby Perkins voted neigh on the talon grant via she’s wearing her house head.
8:57 -- everyone around me is playing games on their computer.
8:57 -- Luke Land wrote a soft serve bill to buy a soft serve machine.
8:59 -- this soft serve machine is fro-yo capable.
9:00 - Luke reminds the senate that soft serve is healthier than hard ice cream altho I seem to remember that it’s merely less caloric???
9:05 -- bill passes.
9:06 -- Evan is excited for soft serve. Going to miss u Evan.
9:08 -- aww Evan will be there for all of us
9:09 -- Fashion report -- horse paraphernalia.
9:18 -- Everyone laughed when Evan asked for Bill Sokolove’s report.
9:19 -- Shelby, Anuli and Evan are planning May Day.
9:20 -- give Andrew Wilhelm your money at World Carnival.
9:27 -- Ms. Paula from Student Activities is retiring.
9:29 -- Bill Sokolove got the perfect attendance award (it's funny because he never goes to SGA)

Going to miss u liveblogging, thank u "Tom Seahawk" for giving me access to the blog and the twitter and the 'brand'.

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