Friday, April 18, 2014

Natty Boh Hunt Game

Some comp sci majors (nerds) made a fun android game as a part of their SMP.

If you want to play you'll need an android tablet or a PC that can emulate an android device. You can check out their progress on their blog and download the game on dropbox.

Here are the basics:
  • You are a student hunting for bohs
  • You can only hold 5 bohs, so eventually you need to drink some
  • When you drink boh the screen turns. My head still hurts but it was a cool feature
  • You can find food and water to remedy the drunkenness
  • Watch out for skunks and other students who will steal your beer
I'm really impressed with what these guys created! 

My high score is 2500.


  1. I want to play so badly, but I can't figure out how to make it open </3

  2. Hey. I'm one of the game's developers. The current released version is compatible only with Android 4.1 or higher tablets. If you need something compatible elsewhere, feel free to email me at or