Tuesday, April 8, 2014

SGA 4/8

8:19 -- Longtime friend of the blog Chip Jackson is here.
8:20 --  Chip Jackson is talking about the tuition decrease. “Bad news” hahahahaa JK.
8:21 -- Out of state tuition will be flat.
8:23 -- New admissions guy Gary Sherman is talking now.
8:24 -- Financial aid will not be decreased as a result of the tuition decrease. All fianancial aid will remain the same.
8:25 -- Tuition decrease was sponsored by Del John Bohanan and Senator Richard Madeleno. Bohanan is the best looking member of the Maryland General Assembly imo and his campaigns generally involve some sort of Natty Boh reference.
8:26 -- There’s no truth that the budget has taken money from the arts and given it to the sciences (via these signs… I saw a comment on Facebook that was an art project and not intentioned to be a factual statement???)
(taken from Elmo Garcia's Facebook)
8:30 -- There are 200 deposited students for the class of 2018 (feel old?? of course you do). This is 59% more than at this time last year.
8:32 -- Joanne Bongwater is here. Talking about renovations.
8:34 -- JAG needs help choosing the colors of the dorms.
8:34 -- They’re expanding the lobbies to make them more inviting.
8:35 -- QA and Dorch are getting air conditioning and all the dorms are getting wifi. “yay”
8:41 -- the dorm bathrooms are getting cubbies. I always thought it was nice and cute when I visited colleges and the bathrooms had these.
8:44 -- Evan forgot the list of the candidates for “Faculty Student Life Award”.
8:45 -- Andrew Wilhelm is working on getting the list.
8:46 -- We tabled a bill to move SGA elections to January or February.. idk why.
8:50  -- Anuli is talking about a bill to change the Programs Board positions, getting rid of the lectures chair, adding a social media chair etc.
8:51 -- Anuli: “as much as it looks like we flawless but”
8:52 -- By-laws amendment passes.
8:53 -- Clay Daneker is getting people to sign his SGA candidate thing in SGA. I feel like there’s something wrong with this but I signed it anyways.
8:53 -- Mary Claire is talking about the budget.
8:59 -- Is this even real money
9:01 -- Budget passed.
9:04 -- Now we’re voting on the faculty-student life award.
9:10 -- Everyone’s just talking about what they know about these professors. Prof Bryd makes his own yogurt and sauerkraut.
9:16 -- We’re struggling with counting.
9:19 -- Anuli is giving the “Shelby Perkins Award” to someone other than Shelby Perkins.
9:20 -- Fashion Report -- “life because I’m still alive (via senior assassins)” and also overalls
9:22 -- Anuli tried to start a clap.
9:26 -- They are no contested elections. Kate Brennan is running for re-election with Jake Wohl. Yi: “Sorry, it’s… not competitive”. Remember democracy???
9:28 -- Andrew Wilhelm has nothing to report.
9:30 -- Luke Land is converting the soft serve resolution into a bill.
9:31 -- Burrito mile is this weekend. Evan will be participating.


  1. Naturally, all the good stuff (like WiFi) happens after we all are gone...

    1. finally catching up with the mid-2000s or something~

  2. Dr. Byrd also brews his own beer, see Alumni College Classes at ALUMNI WEEKEND #plug