Tuesday, February 25, 2014

PANIC: SGA President Hates Government Transparency

Recently, Dear Readers, the preeminent SMCM blog has resumed liveblogging the SGA meetings, but now via twitter @SMCMLOL (previously the last liveblogged meeting was in 2012, and the first was in 2008).

But it seems that the current president (hey lets do a quick history lesson of SGA presidents: 07 - keith buzby, 08 - sunny, 09 - justin perry, 10 - ken benjes, 11 - mark snyder, 12 - ???, 13 - katherine brennan) is not fond of these live tweets. She recently sent an email out to the SGA body regarding her views.

Hello all!

I just wanted to remind you guys of a couple things for SGA, it's just basic stuff to keep in mind. 

Just remember to be respectful in Senate and be paying attention and if we could keep side chatter to a minimum that would be awesome.  Last night there was way too much of that and it leads to time being wasted.  
Next thing is about social media, you're in Senate for a reason so if you don't want to be in it don't be wasting your own time on Facebook.  Also whoever is in charge of the SMCMLOL twitter could you please just stop that would be great.  
We only have a couple more months so lets just hang in there.  

Thanks everybody! If you guys have questions about things just let me know. 

  • "Side Chatter" what r u, a teacher ???
  • The only "time wasted," is the time you ain't wasted (Proverbs 27:17)
  • "could you please just stop that would be great" 
could you please just stop that would be great
could you please just stop
please just stop
just stop

Kate doesn't give a reason to stop. Why does Kate want the live tweeting to stop? Does she not want the student body to know what is going on? Does she not want 507 followers to know what is going on in the Senate? Does she hate government transparency? Is she literally a fascist ???

I mean I can see how it could be a "distraction" but w/e that's the nature of SGA at a small school. I once dated a girl who was the secretary of the UMD SGA. They had political parties, everyone had BlackBerrys, and it was very serious. There was no room for bills banning emails with all capital letter subjects.The SMCM SGA accomplishes a lot. Club funding, gender neutral housing, geothermal heating for the new river center, service trips to Nicaragua, and many other things. Live tweets take the SGA away from something that a student may visit and think of once in their entire career into something that they can connect to, become interested in, and ultimately gain some understanding of. Weekly constituent emails aren't enough (if they even get sent out).

Information is never the enemy. And any liberal arts student should realize that.

These technologies can make life easier, can let us touch people we might not otherwise. These things can profoundly influence life. I'm not downplaying that.  -- Steve Jobs


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  3. 2012 President was Andrew Reighart, I believe...