Saturday, February 1, 2014

Is St. Mary’s Ready for Bouncers???

Last night, in the midst of tryna to celebr8 and have a good time, many of us got a rude awakening when we were denied from a party at the door. [REDACTED]’s far from private party on the Greens was being monitored by a bouncer(!) In theory, this is kind of a smart idea? I mean, we’ve all seen how fucked up your friend’s (or your own - shout out to Ratchet Fest) house is after a huge throwdown and keeping the number down would probably keep that to a bare minimum. On the other hand, one SMCM student (he states his name as Diablo) says it was just a crappy experience overall. “They were yelling GET BACK! IF YOU SHOVE YOU WON’T GET IN!” and pushing people. It took like an hour to get into the party and it probably kind of sucked. Plus you just felt dumb for standing in line like an idiot.” Well put, Diablo! It is kind of degrading to be told you aren’t cool enough to get into a party. It was mostly about numbers, but it still kind of felt like bullshit to me. Imo bouncers at parties are not the “St. Mary’s Way”*. It goes against our “mission statement”*. To be real, neither are having ACTUAL djs at parties so I guess that kind of makes [REDACTED] and his townhouse a hot commodity, but is it really worth it? ~dignity~ and ~community~ and all that good stuff. Below is a party pic that we took from outside (bc obvi they weren’t going to let a fucking narp like Tommy Seahawk in (haha jk)) so I guess ya’ll can just decide for yourself whether this act of party aristocracy was worth the effort 

- Natty Ho

*Apparently these are things we really care about now like frosh have these memorized(!) is that normal? I have no idea what this really means I just kind of thought they were both like “anything goes!” or “have fun and be urself”


  1. 1. How are you going to call out a student by name in an anonymously written article? What a brave internet warrior you are

    2. I see your trusted source, Diablo, didn't get into the party. I'm glad his psychic powers granted him the vision that the party was "shitty." THAT must have been why there was a line out the door, because it was so shitty.

    The Brother of the Birthday Boy

  2. Diablo should be nominated for the Nobel Peace prize in social economics... great one sided blog post. You guys should forward this to admissions: If they let every applicant it will solve the budget shortfall! Well done on redacting the name of the birthday boy: Calling an individual out (on their day of birth) on an anonymous blog is so far from the "St. Mary's way". It would appear that you had an opportunity to talk about an actual issue: What is the most fair way to regulate a party when the host obviously invited to many guests? That is a very interesting conversation for our community to have. Instead, you look like a jealous, uninformed, self- conscious "NARP" (redacted is a NARP as well) with access to a funny(?) blog who took a mathematical issue way too personally. The "redacted" brothers and their friends worked really hard to bring in DJ's, rent speakers, etc. The bouncers were enforced by PS so the party would not get shut down before 1. Choose your stories widely SMCMLOL... normally, a critique WITH the individuals name included and WITHOUT the authors name or sources supporting both sides of the argument is a journalism "no-no". I guess if one considers this Gonzo journalism, getting an idea of what the party was actually inside would have really helped this post. What "redacted" did was invite too many people to an already overhyped party. Looking into it any farther requires personal reflection that no blog post could ever solve.

  3. Oh wow good work on the redacting! I'm glad my comment made you realize that too little too late too lame too salty is a creed to live by!

  4. This is literally the dumbest shit in the world... parties get too full every single weekend. If there hadn't been a bouncer in front of the door, but you couldn't get in because it was too crowded, would your panties still be in a bunch?

    but no, since someone decided to actually control who went into their own fucking house, youre all butthurt?

    pretty fucking entitled.

  5. ...Who gives a shit? Walk to a different party or better yet stop your bitching and throw one of your own you entitled tool

  6. Kyle Freaking McGrathFebruary 4, 2014 at 8:34 PM

    At Hallowgreens 2010 I totally hired a bouncer (read: gave a muscular friend a fifth of Jack to stand by the door) and we had to use him to throw out a dude wearing jeans, a white T shirt and a gigantic Chewbacca mask who was smashing stuff in the kitchen and got UV Blue all over the floor. Don't knock it 'till you try it