Monday, February 3, 2014

A False Dillemma

Hey guys! I was invited to respond to the post about my birthday party, and I must say the invite itself erased any negative view of SMCM LOL and Natty Ho. I wanted to put it all out on the table, so if this issue does not tickle your fancy I would save your time and listen to this instead ( I always enjoy a little internet debate, but I do think an anonymous post that used my name directly was a little over the edge. That said, I don't want to bash Natty Ho... he wrote what was on his and another student, "Diablo"'s, minds and that is what blogging is all about. I respect SMCM LOL allot as a blog, and also believe that the conversation Natty Ho has started is important. Instead, I want to divide this rebuttal into 3 sections: Why and how I developed this birthday party, the mistakes that I made in regards to the party, and why I think the article published on my birthday was far from fair. But before all of that, I would like to cite my (very, very intelligent) brother's comment on his Facebook post of Natty Ho's article.

"How rude of you, throwing a party at your own expense and trying to control who comes in. How entitled of you, to try to dictate who enters your own home. You should be required to let everyone come in, regardless of the fact that no one would be able to move."

1. The party: in early December, I had a dream that got to play alongside my brother,  Knoxbox ( a friend and a DC based trap/dubstep artist) and Dillon Francis ( a famous DJ who would never come to SMCM). After much convincing, the dream became real. My birthday was finally on a weekend, and another friend Julian Ragland ( A DC based deep house and UK Bass DJ) coordinated renting speakers. Our house pooled the money together, but it was done so with the knowledge that on a normal Friday, these DJ's would be getting paid instead of playing a free party. Only one issue was left: How could I pull this off without PS shutting it down before 1? I have 0 strikes left, I am a second semester senior, and I am doing TFA next semester. To make a long story short, getting in trouble again would effectively change me from a semi-functional basshead with a plan to a dude who just couldn't hold his shit together months before graduation. So I called them, and for people who have dealt with my shenanigans for 4 years, they were really cool about it. They said that we needed people to regulate the door so that no alcohol left our house, and that the "bouncers" should limit the amount of people coming upstairs to prevent being shutdown. I made it very clear on Facebook that the party started at 9 pm, and anyobody who wanted to see the headlines should make sure to be there for my brother's set (which was both wonderful and underpopulated). Established rules, easy directions... Party time, right?

2. The mistake: Any one who has read an academic journal knows that you have to call out your own limitations, something I believe the blogging world should adopt when claims towards specific people and events are made. I made mistakes, and I made more than one. Firstly, I told everyone that once you had gone inside, re-entry would be easy. I lied, I never developed a system for this, and it led many of my best friends who drove from Montgomery county unable to return after ducking out to smoke a cigg. MY BAD. Secondly, there was no coordination between the bouncers and myself. I went downstairs for one minute and was truly shocked by comments made by people waiting in line. One was particularly dark:  "Fuck you Sami, We were in the same class your sophomore year, I thought we were friends". I don't know who said it, but trust me, we are still friends. I just wanted to turn up on my birthday, but this left me unable to judge when our house was at capacity. MY BAD. Lastly, the bouncers were given no directions other than what PS told me. Once we were at capacity, I told them to go "1 in 1 out" except for my best friends and non-smcm students who traveled here for my Bday. They had to judge who they think I wanted to be inside. They were swung at, cursed at, and were forced to be mean. The only reason they did it was for me, and they did this horrible duty while I had a fantastic time. MY BAD. If you were turned away, just know that many of my best friends were as well. Lastly, I invited to many people to the party. It was invitation only, but I hate exclusivity so I made it so friends could invite other friends. I am warm blooded, and thought people could be happy dancing outside. MY BAD. I now understand that I am an unpredictable party guest, and a much worse party host.  So... one last time: If you are a true fan of Knoxbox/Teszero, if we are good friends, if you were a peer mentoree ( Don't worry...I have special plans for you guys), or if you got treated poorly in anyway... MY BAD. It was pretty wack for Natty Ho to use my name, but it was hard to be overly offended because the truth is I am the one to blame.This brings me to my most important point...

3. The Article published on my birthday: Rule #1... if you don't have a blue checkmark on twitter, and want to post a critique as an anon, DON'T USE FULL NAMES. This is a small school... putting me on blast was far from necessary to start a conversation about bouncers at parties. Research in Psychology suggests how influential first impressions are, and participants who get a negative first impression are oftentimes uninfluenced by a secondary positive impression (Tetlock, 1989). I always have birthdays that disappoint my high expectations, but couldn't you have waited until the day after my Bday? Or maybe asked me for my perspective? Iranians are badddd with guilt, and this just loaded it on in a way that would make my persian grandmother proud. That post made me out to be a bad guy, and made it appear like I believe the term NARP is profane. I am no angel, but lets be clear: I am a NARP, live with 2 other NARP's, and one captain of the soccer team. I had friends from Fraternity's come down, so in that circle I may be considered a GDI. From my (biased) perspective, there were no NARPSGDI's, fratstars or athletes* at the party : It was just one big sweaty love sesh, and I have a feeling that if you enjoyed the music, you probably had an ok time to ( *I do have loads of respect for the athletes on 48 who came out to say happy birthday... that takes mettle). In conclusion, I have an honest request from Natty Ho and Diablo: I am not mad at you guys at all, just mad at the way you chose to write the post. Overpacked parties are no fun and risk getting shutdown. As far as I know, asking for a cover charge is illegal on campus. I wanted a party that everyone who cared had a fair chance to get into. I did not want an invite only event, which in my mind is "party aristocracy" at its worst. Natty Ho, my "hot commodity" would love to open our house for Mardigreens once again, but we were asked to regulate our house for Hollowgreens by PS (we were one of the few house that opened for all). How should we regulate in line with the " StMary's Way?" No hard feelings Natty Ho and Diablo, you guys are welcome at Morsel 2 anytime. Well... I guess that depends how much you pay off the bouncers ;) 


  1. this feels a lot like this:


      Just for you ;)

    2. Natty Ho... or Recyclebinluvr. You and your "ground breaking" story which exposed a truth known to all who attend hectic concerts have inspired me to keep blogging on SMCM LOL, so after my apology I would like to keep this cordial. I think since we will both be contributing, we probably should str8en this out anywhere but on this blog. Direct message me on twitter, send me an email, shoot me a facebook message, or just come visit me on the greens you know the spot. Take me up on that: you may find I am less of an "asshole" than you think . Although I cant defend my wordiness, I like to think it is coupled with an increased ability empathize with many view points. 240 678 2286 lets grab coffee.

  2. anyone who felt the people running the door were unfair was probably acting like a dbag, I say this as someone who patiently waited in line for 45 minutes to get in (it was well worth it)
    amazing music, fair bouncers, and what I would reasonably call the best party I have been to at SMCM

  3. this defense might as well end after the facebook status quote... you're angry that the person who lived in a house was trying to regulate who came into that house on that person's birthday...? With a bouncer in front, still took me 10 minutes to get out of the house. Would've been fucking dangerous without one.

    Someone's gotta be pretty entitled to be angry that they weren't allowed in someone else's home, without permission. And presumably, with zero knowledge of the homeowner.... whose birthday party it was.

    If Natty Ho and Diablo are so pissed, they're gonna throw open parties with rented electronic equipment and guest musicians now right???

  4. Replies
    1. Too Lame; Dumb rock... Don't we go to an honor's college? Sam do not write another post for this blog they don't deserve it. Complain to the moderator get that asshole kicked for harassing you I have screen shots from when they used your full name. This blog is dead to me, and will be until justice is served (That party was fuckng bomb, block out the hate)

  5. recyclebinluvr are you trying to fuck with the credibility of this blog? The party was wicked, you called out a guy just because you are so lame you couldn't get into a "shitty" party. What actually happened is THE OWNER OF THE HOUSE, WHOSE BIRTHDAY IT WAS (foreal though...are you that fucking selfish?), followed the st marys way which prevented many of his ACTUAL friends like me from getting in later in the night. Then, he writes a thoughtful/constructive/ non bullshit response where he forgives you and tries to move the conversation, and you post a link basically calling him an asshole. Are you trying to tank this blog? FYI, its never been a pissing contest cry fest jealous sounding board. THE ARTICLE I JUST READ ABOUT FUCKING ROGER STANTON WAS MORE UNBIASED THAN YOURS. Sami should have ripped you with his rebuttal, the only reason he didn't was probably so he could keep writing for the blog like he says he wants to. I don't know if he has that choice or if anyone can just write for this clearly poorly monitored blog but you should make your own blog SK... this fucker just want to cry about why mom never hugged him and how dad never taught him to ride a bike and how the cool kids always spat on him at parties. The guy was invited to respond to your post, which after the retractions, so clearly should have never been on what seemed to be an informative blog. He asked you what you would do different, and you call him an asshole. Great come back, even better than your original post. Woever runs this shit mustbe taking an epic nap, but let sami keep writing, release a statement about SMCMLOL not supporting his shit, or tell Natty judgemental as fuck to never write such meaningless garbage again. I know posting anonymously does not hold much weight (COUGHCOUGHAHEMMMMMMM), but do one of those three things to make this right. This is a horrible look for this blog mates...and u said your concerned wit the the st marys way hahh what bull

  6. Previously "The Man"February 5, 2014 at 1:22 PM

    As a former TH RHC, I just want to say thank you for being proactive about your party and taking the necessary steps to make sure it didn’t get shut down. I wish more people were like you.
    Believe it or not, Res Life and PS don’t actually want to shut your parties down. All you have to do is follow a few rules:

    1. Don’t break the fire code. Bouncers are a good way to make sure you keep a reasonable amount of people in your house. The other way is to throw a lamer party.

    2. Don’t party past quiet hours. There will always be someone that calls up PS bitching about noise if your party goes too late and PS will have to shut you down. If PS is busy chasing a bee (not kidding, this happened to me one time) the dispatcher calls the RHC on duty (who has to be sober) and he/she will be pissed off he/she has to hike over to your house to tell you to stfu. During my reign, I tried to get people to start partying at 7pm so they’d be tuckered out by quiet hours. I don’t think that every took off.

    3. Don’t let people go outside with alcohol. If that’s asking too much, don’t let people outside with clearly marked cans/bottles of alcohol. Apparently, MD has some goofy open container laws that make this illegal. I never found the actual law, but was told I had to enforce it.

    4. Don’t let people drink their way to the hospital (freshmen especially). Parents threaten to sue the school because Jimmy thought he could do two Jagerbombs in one night. “Oh, what an unsafe environment for little Jimmy! Someone that’s not him or us needs to be held responsible!” Side note: the best way to get rid of freshmen at a party is to turn off the music and say PS is at the front door carding people. They’ll all run out the back door and disappear into the night.

    1. Hey man I really appreciate this post... people think I was trying to throw a popularity contest when really I just wanted a banger without the inevitable write up. Again, it means allot.

  7. I hope jimmy can do more than two jager bombs without going to the hospital. It would be irresponsible for him to do less than two.

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