Tuesday, March 6, 2012

SGA Meeting 3/6

The first time I live blogged an SGA meeting was September 23rd, 2008.  The last time I truly liveblogged an SGA Meeting was April 27th, 2010.

Actually, I would really recommend reading that first liveblog from 2008, there are a lot of things that would end up being major parts of the blog and campus itself like
  • Trays were eventually removed from the Great Room
  • Clubs passing w/o any debate ever
  • My hatred for the Terrorist Newspaper The Point News
  • Stipends for recycling and composting coordinators, which became a big part of my life
  • Club websites, which was another big part of my life
  • And SGA being boring
This will more than likely be the actual final SGA live blogging.  I think this was something that made the blog semi-popular.  People found it interesting because it was kinda funny, provided some useful information about SGA, and wasn't boring.  I hope I enlightened people over the past few years about what SGA is, and how boring it can be sometimes.

8:00 - I arrive and stand awkwardly outside pretending to text.

8:03 - I enter and President Snyder immediately begins talking to me.

8:04 - It's already full and it's only been four minutes, this SGA is good at not being late.  Also only the Vice President and Parliamentarian a sit up front now which is an interesting change.

8:06 - It hath begun.

8:07 - They no longer have nametags for everyone #buschleague

8:08 - Kate does not hit her gavel very hard.

8:10 - Urgo is the guest speaker, he is talking about the Dean of Students position (look forward to a saucy post on that tomorrow) which was recently vacated.  Urgo says it was a 'mutual decision' #IYSS

 8:11 - Urgo is looking pretty.  Also there will be a national search.  NATIONAL SEARCH RETURNS YALL #basedgod

8:12 - Someone says the new Dean should be approachable.  No shit.

8:14 - Mark was just told to speak up, I think he may have a cold/sore throat.  Feel better bb.

8:17 - I think the new Dean should be like the Dean from the Simpsons Bobby Peterson.  IDK if that is possible via (ATTN: anonymous who recently complained about my use of 'via,' lol not gonna stop #sorryimnotsorry) he is a cartoon.

8:19 - Mumby brought up Maggi O'Brien hiding in her office.  I think he confused office with abroad/her winery.

8:20 - Urgo looks thinner I wonder if he has been ~workin out~ #swag

8:21 - More suggestions about the new Dean that are all pretty legitimate but also not things that I am super interested in.

8:22 - What I am interested in is Urgo's hair, I feel like the hairline is more defined and the back part goes lower now.  Anyone care to comment on changes to Urgo's hair?

8:23 - "New Dean should drive a hybrid and be a happy person" #hippie

8:25 - Apparently Student Trustee Maurielle Stewart stole a 'Bugle' from Prez Dingle.  Not sure if she is talking about the instrument or the 'stoner food'.  She alerted me via the twitter (follow me @SMCMLOL for relevant news updates).

8:27 - MHECbro is saying something confusing that I do not understand about Jboard and precedents and blah blah blah

8:29 - "Do you do a criminal background check on candidates?"  I hope not, personally I want our new Dean to be a convicted felon/drug dealer (actually that could rule).

8:31 - Bloggin makes me sleepy.

8:32 - Someone just apologized for being late to SGA #YOLO

8:37 - I think Prez Dingle is tryna establish the point that we should get a Dean who is okay with 'May Day'.

8:41 - Sometimes people ask kinda dumb questions

8:42 - "So in Absalom, Absalom!"  lololol

8:43 - Urgo is done, moving onto Resolution supporting a Living Wage for all Staff Members.

8:46 - Are you fucking kidding me!?!  Terrorist Newspaper Pointless News just posted and article about 'People who hate The Point News' and left me out.  This is bullshit, I've hated The Point News since September of 2008.

8:51 - "We're not trying to attack Urgo with this"

8:52 - What the fuck are you even trying to say, are you trying to imply the staff will beat the Senate up if we don't pass this?  MHECbro I don't understand you.

8:54 - Kelly Schroeder (luv u Kelly) brought up the point that Staff refers not only to Maintenance, Housekeeping, etc. but also to people in Student Affairs etc.

9:00 - "If we are going to pay them more, are they going to work harder?"  oh my god are you serious, #getout.  I don't think you understand what the purpose of a ~Living Wage~ is.  The entire idea is to pay people enough so that they can actually live a good life free of debt.  Get your Ayn Rand bullshit philosophy out of here.

9:02 - Same Rugby bro "Can we get them to start cleaning the bathrooms in the Townhouses" what the hell, hire a maid if you are that lazy

9:06 - Via facebook stalking, profile picture on a boat, Econ major, went to a $13,000 a year private high school, which is literally half of what some of these people are getting paid.  Stop hating poor people, Jesus Christ.  Some fucking Catholic.

9:16 - Resolution passed.

9:17 - Rugbybro "candy machines are always cash only" #firstworldproblems

9:20 - Meeting is wrapping up

9:21 - Meeting over!

Missu SGA

Here is the Agenda for the meeting:

I. Call to Order
II. Roll Call
III. Approval of the Agenda
IV. Approval of the Minutes
V. Student Speak-Out
VI. New Business
-President Urgo as guest speaker
-Resolution 04-12S Wage Justice at St. Mary's College of Maryland
VIII. Announcements
IX. Adjournment



  1. riveting! (truly)


  3. @9:06 "- Via facebook stalking, profile picture on a boat, Econ major, went to a $13,000 a year private high school, which is literally half of what some of these people are getting paid. Stop hating poor people, Jesus Christ. Some fucking Catholic."

    St. Mary's costs more than half of my family's total income. And unfortunately there is no guarantee that St. Mary's graduates will make more than 2X our tuition. So I'm not really sure what your point is...
    You also don't really have any idea how much he paid for highschool, most Catholic High Schools give a lot in scholarships.

  4. I agree with you, Anonymous Mar 6, 2012 07:12 PM - assuming that is your real name. It's a proud tradition of our college, as established by our prior president (whose reign was universally lauded and by no means criticized by anybody) to give huge raises to the administrivial faculty appointed by our president at the expense of raising the salaries of professors. Additionally, it was totally ethical to deny wage increases to the blue-collar laborers who make the campus a nice of a place for the rich as well as the underprivileged students who just happen to be on boats at some point in time so they can have their pictures taken on them.

    Seriously, Tommy Seahawk. How can you condone giving a "living wage" to everybody who works for St. Mary's? Part of the charm of this institution is holding money away from manual laborers and maintaining the status quo. We are the pi percent!

  5. Ken,
    there will never be another like you. this is hilarious. sga will be forever boring without you. do you think we could hire you as full time SGA meeting transcriber? Don't worry you won't make a living wage. can we pay you in flex? train someone to walk in your footsteps at least. oh i should just face it, days of fun sga notes like this are over ):