Thursday, March 1, 2012


Whenever I see an image of the swingset outside the library I am filled with emotion and nostalgia and memories.

A really pure area, devoid of stress or worry.  The only issue is which swing you want to use.  And it's right outside the library, so when life/school seems impossible it is always there waiting for you to relax and swing. 

Overlooking the pond and river, you can always see beautiful sunsets and people walking along the path near QA or on Route 5. I can vividly recall at least a dozen meaningful conversations I had there.

Even though it is really simple and I only spent a few hours of my life there, I think it is something that I will always think about when I need to escape the real world for a moment and focus on something simple and rhythmic, something that makes sense.


  1. Did you know, an absurd number of breakups have occurred on those swings.