Wednesday, November 16, 2011

PANIC: Students Attacking Faculty Vis-A-Vis Bicycles and Skateboards

St. Mary's City:  News reports are flooding in of students on bicycles and skateboards violently attacking faculty and staff at St. Mary's College of Maryland.  Recently the Director of Public Safety, David Zylak, AKA "Zylak Bro," sent out an email expressing the concerns of several faculty members that they are being targeted by gangs of students dressed with little regard for safety or the well-being of "the olds."  The initial email can be read below (click for big, duh):

As you can see, students need to wear bright clothes in order to not harm faculty members when jogging or biking.  Note the concern of some faculty:


Safety is a legit issue though.  I bike a lot and even though it's fun to ride through red lights and stop signs if there are other cars around you should seriously stop.  Those are the sorts of things that make drivers hate bikers.

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