Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Senseless Acts of Destruction

Zylak bro (vis-a-vis new head of Public Safety) sent out an email about some lame-os vandalizing Prince George (the purest of all resident halls) and some cars in Lot R.  Lame stuff vis-a-vis vandalism is really annoying and makes the campus less pretty and costs money.  Sigh.

Kinda chill that he did not immediately blame students (although vandalism on campus is often caused by students, and I would assume that this was the case here) and was open to the possibility that other people did this.

Not much to say, don't put your energy into breaking stuff, it's lame and really upsetting :/


  1. Tip of the iceberg, unfortunately, for some of the things students have done to each other around here over the past couple of years. I think continuing the discussion about civility on campus is going to be an ongoing issue for a long, long time...

  2. Check out the Point News archive. When we say the discussion of civility is ongoing, we mean it's been ongoing since before 1990.

  3. That's just fucking sad. What the hell is wrong with people?