Sunday, November 6, 2011

PANIC! Cookie!

Longtime blog lover and fellow History club officer [NAME REDACTED (via I don't think she wants her name here)] recently made this delightful Halloween cookie!  Inspired by the blog obvs.

These are great cookies vis-a-vis they are ghosts and they say PANIC and ghosts are scary.  It's called Honors College Logic.  [I may want to start making posts about #honorscollegelogic wherein I make posts about things that the school does that is funny, like the Mold Ship or proposing a footbridge over route 5.  Yall are getting a look into a blogger's mind].

This wonderful alumnus also sent me this mug:  

This mug is great vis-a-vis it has LEGO on it, and my name is Shelby!

Have a great November Yall.


  1. Y U NO HAS proper english? Are we abusing vis-a-vis now?

  2. Oooo I love her, and so jealous that she got this entire post.