Monday, March 28, 2011

Who is Amy Henderson?

Via 'Who is John Galt' (via Atlas Shrugged [via ugh]).

But who is this mystery woman?  She is not in the directory.  What is the package?  Possibly a bomb via terrorism (PAINC!).

Or maybe it's like the package at the end of Se7en.  But I hope not because that would be real creepy.

Really though it's kinda funny that an email was sent out about this, but I guess it's probably the only way they'll figure out who she is.

I am hungry.


  1. Can you please stop butchering the usage of "via"? It's awful and you are making me really sad.

  2. boooo Atlas Shrugged is da bomb

  3. Please don't tell the ending of se7en via I haven't seen it!

    (via in this sentence should be replaced with "because")

  4. joyce goodwin is one of the dumbest women i have ever met and should be fired

  5. ^^^ that's rude via you're an asshole.

  6. amy henderson is teching all the environmental-related econ classes next semester! mystery solved.