Friday, March 4, 2011

SMCM LOL vs. Point News

The possibly racist news organization known as The Point News was recently trying to show off its e-penis via this callout status, but were quickly educated on the subject of basic math.

Quick comparison of the two organizations:

  • PRO: Not racist
  • PRO: Does not take 3 hours to load
  • PRO: Makes Tom Seahawk money
  • PRO: Updates more than twice a week
  • CON: Ads on the site
  • CON: Run by a LEGOmaniac
The Point News
  • PRO: Is 'accurate' (their word not mine)
  • PRO: Has a paper version which is good for making paper boats
  • PRO: Has an article that I published
  • CON: Could be racist (I'm just asking questions)
  • CON: Run by an Megalomaniac
  • CON: Funded by the SGA
In conclusion, INCEPTION


  1. Looks to me like you win, Ken!!!!

  2. SMCMLOL > The Point News

  3. TPN ain't funded by the's technically funded by the students. <3 both though.

  4. How is being run by a LEGOmaniac a con?

  5. Doesn't SGA approve the budget? I don't think it's completely incorrect to say that it's funded by the SGA..

    I guess that is a PRO anon!

  6. "CON: Run by an Megalomaniac"

    I think we can all agree there.

    On a serious note, does really take a while for you to load? That can be fixed.

  7. takes a long time for it to load for me to.

  8. dude ken is much cooler than the point news. def. for what its worth.


  9. I thought media board funded it?

  10. And media board is a part of the SGA right?

  11. I meant that in response to Justin's comment.

  12. A fixed percentage of the SGA's budget, which is funded with the "Student Activities Fees" portion of your tuition, is given to the media board on a yearly basis. The SGA hands the funds over to the Media Board, which consists of two members of TPN, two members of the radio station, two senators, and a chair appointed by the SGA president. Simple majority is needed for budget approval at the beginning of each academic year. It enables these organizations to grow or shrink in proportion to the size of the student body that they are designed to serve.

  13. somethin' tells me anonymous above me is an insider. givin all the deets like that. sounds reasonable though.

  14. Anonymous with the deets is right. According to the Media Board constitution, The Point News and Hawkradio budgets must be agreed upon by Media board and then the entire Media board budget is approved by SGA. The concept being, particularly for TPN, that having SGA directly approve its budget would make it impossible for us to objectively cover the SGA.

    All of that being said, both TPN and Hawkradio generally present their budgets separately to SGA to give Senators a chance to provide feedback and comments. In fact, I think we are presenting tomorrow, no?

  15. Well you don't have to show up tomorrow, but that might result in the budget not being passed :D