Tuesday, October 6, 2009

SGA Meeting 10/9/09

8:05 - Meeting has begun

8:06 - Mark Snyder isn't here, what an ass

8:12 - Dean Bayless is here to talk about the Strategic Plan.

8:13 - Holy shit this is turning into a clusterfuck

8:25 - This is the most annoying SGA meeting I have been to as people keep asking stupid questions. Also I really need to pee, but I feel like since we are voting on stuff it would be bad to leave to go pee.

8:39 - The kid behind me keeps complaining about how long it is taking which is the most annoying part.

8:41 - Danny Ruthenberg Marshall is telling me where it is best to pee when camping (answer is rocks).

8:42 - Dean Bayless just mentioned a bassoon and I looked it up, and it is fucking awesome looking.

8:45 - Dean Bayless totally just called a Senator out for totally not paying attention lol.

9:14 - blah blah blah

9:16 - Dean Bayless just said we're almost done, and someone said "That's what she said". LOL

9:23 - We are halfway done, and will continue next week.

9:30 - Resolution that Public Safety should tell people that their car got towed. Passed duh

9:46 - People are debating how long the dryers should run for. This is literally the stupidest shit I have ever heard I fucking hate SGA right now. Hurf Durf if your dryer doesn't dry all your clothes in one go then it has too many goddam clothes in it.

9:50 - Shola just tried to leave out the door but fell and everyone laughed.

9:50 - There was a fire that burnt down a barn and all the chickens in it :[ So PS is trying to stop fires all around.

9:57 - People have been hating on the grilling club a lot this meeting and it makes me sad :[

10:11 - Meeting over whatup

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