Tuesday, October 27, 2009

SGA Meeting 10/27/09

SGA whatup. Starting soon I hope

8:06 - Haven't started yet

8:07 - Startinggg. Mark Snyder is not here he is sick or somesuch

8:10 - George Waggoner is here to talk to us! He is in charge of CTSS, the technology thing. He is telling us that people responding to spam are messing shit up. Stop responding to spam campus! Like all those emails that ask you for your password and stuff, don't respond to those.

8:19 - Lol he just admitted that they don't go after people with routers, even though they are not allowed according to To The Point.

8:28 - Danny is here to talk about SafeRide. According to him people stopped going to Oasis due to townies hitting people on the heads with bottles. So they are attempting to make it a college night maybe (wednesday).

8:31 - Resolution stating that SGA does not condone graffiti. Cool. No shit SGA doesn't condone graffiti, what the fuck is the point of this. The only good point is apologizing to Physical Plant on behalf of the people who did this.

8:36 - It's really cold in here!

8:47 - Blah blah blah

8:52 - Another resolution, this one about thanking Bon Appetit staff and physical plant and Public Safety for doing a good job. Woooo

9:03 - Funding stuff blah blah blah

9:10 - Idea to raise student fees since they haven't been for awhile. These fund clubs and stuff.

9:16 - It is really fucking cold I can't deal with this, my fingers are starting to get numb and typing is becoming harder.

9:18 - Justin Perry just mentioned the possibility of an ad-hoc committee. Probably because he is obsessed with ad-hoc committees.

9:22 - O shit Harry Potter this weekend whatup!

9:27 - blah blah blah

9:50 - meeting over

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  1. Ken Benjes I was absent to this meeting due to the flu. It was a great public service for me to not be there, spreading my germs of tyranny and oppression.