Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Heads up 7 Up

At the SGA meeting two weeks ago (October 20th?) we had to vote on something, and someone proposed that we all put our heads down while we vote.

This resulted in a ridiculous SGA meeting. I think it was Lisa Neu's fault.

It was like being seven again.

Photo Courtesy of Matthew Foerester


  1. that's like the only one ive missed! so bummed! i want to be seven again!

  2. No credit to the photographer I see.

  3. hahaha. no way, ken, it was the fault of whoever wrote a 3/w/m on their ballot and wouldn't fess up! it mattered because the vote was super close and that squiggle could've meant # 3 (ken), matt, or william.

    but still pretty funny. the bear gloves was better. ;P