Tuesday, October 20, 2009

SGA Meeting 10/20/09

SGA Meeting!

8:09 - Matt Smith has a Battlestar Galactica desktop background. lol

8:13 - Someone just walked in late, I forgot her name.

8:14 - Student speakout about kids putting chalk everywhere. I don't really care about chalk so whatever I don't get what they are complaining about.

8:19 - blah blah blah

8:23 - Apparently chalk is bad for bricks. I didn't know that.

8:24 - People like to use the word "fruition" a lot.

8:33 - Student speakout again, about porn or some shit I don't really care, playing Farmville.

8:37 - Dean Bayless is giving us a really good explanation about the whole showing porn on campus. It's not a big deal, and the biggest thing would be that doing so may require adding an educational aspect. Either way she did a good job of not making people panic about it.

8:38 - I hope they play that Pirate porn in Cole Cinema.

8:51 - Senate Leader elections. I am running lol

8:57 - Matt won woooo

9:02 - People want a microwave in PG blah blah blah

EDIT: PG did get a microwave, and so did QA

9:06 - Still debating microwave stuff. If anyone wants to join my committee, Food Services Committee, email me!

9:11 - blah blah blah

9:17 - Commuter Kitchen

9:22 - Will Clements is serving people left and right, telling them that they are stupid and should shut up. Not literally, but he is good at serving out ownage.

9:37 - I think they should use a minifridge but no one agrees :[

9:44 - Just got a bill passed to buy some gloves. Whatup!

9:48 - What the fuck Brenden Larrabee just walked in

9:51 - Blah blah blah

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  1. yea he was being really rude.

  2. haha i totally did say fruition way too many times.


  3. http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3104/3321404993_9baf3618c3.jpg

  4. so did PG get a microwave? I'm hanging off the edge of my seat in anticipation...

  5. Yo sorry for leaving that out, yeah PG and QA got microwaves from the futureeeeee

  6. I want the french dude to come back :(

  7. omg I love french dude. He talked to me once about the footbridge.

  8. I told french dude (Cristoph Bornand) today that SGA folk like his accent. He laughed. I laughed. There was merriment.

  9. Oh my god daniel i dont know who you are but I can't believe you said that to him, and I am swooning over him so hard now

  10. How is chalk bad for bricks??
    I generally like the chalks because sometimes the drawings are kinda cute, I just don't like the spraypaint.

  11. Yeah like I think that chalking is really cute but, according to Lisa Neu, she said that she talked to physical plant once, and chalk has bad effects on brick. Um so I am kinda assuming this to be correct, I tried googling the issue but didn't find much. So who knows I guess?

  12. sounds like lisa neu is full of shit

  13. just keeping it real, ken