Monday, June 3, 2013

Regarding "grammar"

Recently there have been a lot of "criticism" (via the comments section) regarding the "grammar" of this "blog." (hello i would like to point out that if you look to the left <--- b=""> I put the 'period' inside of the 'quote' which is grammatically correct so yes i could learn u a thing or 2 about the grammars)

I think maybe there were a lot of shoobies (via Rocket Power) who just don't "get it" but thats okay hey i luv u all, feel free to stay 'awhile' and check out 'old articles'

~sticks n stones may brake my bones, but words may never hurt me~  (via antiquated notions of bullying)

is this cyber bullying, have I been cyberbullied, after cyberbullying others for so many years ??? is karma real?

I guess I see this as more of a performance art piece than a 'news' 'blog' with a constructed persona (via Tom Seahawk). Remember that time someone else "took over" and everyone got upset? Except no one actually took over~

idk im just ramblin'

luv u all

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  1. Hello Kenneth, sadly I am unable to read this blog post because of the atrocious grammar and usage. I am a pedantic toilet.