Friday, June 7, 2013


At the alumni council meeting. It is 9am.i am too drunk for this nonsense. Cannot Deal. Lotta nerds here like chip Jackson (luv u) and Joanne gold water and others. I hope everyone else is also very drunk still bit based on the fact that they can talk coherently I am guessing they are not. Nerds. Paul shulteis is here, blesse ur john deer tractors. Can't believe that many people buy lawn mowers. Someone mentioned 30,000 foot questions, wtf does that mean. Ravioli ravioli give me the formuloi People here are dressed and nice looking. I am wearing a swim suit and a button down shirt with buttons open #jimmybuffett Wtf is this nerd talking about This dude is boring

9:35: Wait I used to HATE LEDGER but now that I am 'okay' at it I think it's really fun~

9:30: talked to a lot of old friends, HOOKUP COUNT: 1.

9:15:  I finally can play ledger successfully!!!

6:00: drinking margaritas at plaza delteco/alteco/i dont remember

5:45: all checked in

4:00PM: Fuck this traffic
2:05PM: I can leave work in 10 minutes. In 11 minutes I will be on the road. Probably gonna stop at a "Mexican" restaurant on the way down (via happy hour margaritas #worklife) with some friends. Stop by Plaza Tolteca (new place, since Cerro Grande shut down/moved) and grab a 'drink' (or 7) with me.

BONUS: One of the few photos of me from my first Alumni Weekend:

**~lookit dat booty~**
**~lookit dat booty~**
**~lookit dat booty~**

8:50AM: 5.5 hours until I can leave work and head down to St. Mary's. Reading a book on Investing #RetirementAccounts #RothIRA. ~feelin old~

8:08AM: Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me yer ears. This is the LIVEBLOG for the 2013 Alumni Weekend. Here is how it works (twerks):
  • I enjoy my weekend of being an alumni
  • I blog about it, posting updates w/timestamps
  • u read it
  • u enjoy it
The updates will be in such a way that newer updates will be at the top. I hope to update every so often, but it is also very likely that I will just forget to so plz stay 'tuned'


  1. You glorious bastard, I picked out room 203 for us that overlooks that the mayhem that will ensue in the quad.

  2. Still sad Cerro Grande closed. RIP giant margaritas of love.