Monday, June 10, 2013


wow what a weekend! despite all the rain it was an amazing time.

yes yes, I did eventually 'give up' on liveblogging but only because I still have AT&T and still don't get reception down in Historic St. Mary's city.

but here are some highlights

  • Admissions is using the "I am St. Mary's" slogan these days which is kinda interesting
  • ate some crabs
  • slept in a bed BOTH NIGHTS which is an improvement from previous years when sleeping locations included a bench, random boat, bridge, professor's office in Monty, floors
  • Dave Chase was kinda mean 
  • Ben and I secretly hopped into the back of a Gator Cart (probably sold to the school by Paul Schulteis?) and laid down while the cart went all around campus and did some donuts in the grass (via now that URGO is gone [more like, URGONE] people can drive/park on the grass) and it was like being on a roller coaster
  • Someone told me that they drank 50 beers which is kinda scary but also impressive
  • Taught a lot of people what 'turnt up' means
  • Probably bullied too many people
  • Danced with older women
  • Swam
  • My entire body is incredibly sore
But you know probably my favorite memory is this. I was swimming on Saturday and didn't know what to do with my phone, so I found a random person and asked him to hold onto my nice phone (Galaxy S3) and to return it to LQ16 if I did not see him again. And you know what, Saturday night I'm playing some ledger and that dude walks in with my phone. Really made me appreciate the sort of people that St. Mary's has helped to develop.

also still hungover


  1. You made the front page of the Enterprise, BTW.

    And why nothing about Pat's departure? Where's your investigative journalism now???


  3. Admissions isn't using "I am St. Mary's" ... Orientation is. Who do you think you are? Anne Neal? Get your facts straight! :P