Saturday, January 21, 2012

More Hands in Pockets!

Some of yall may remember one of my more memorable posts Circa 2k10 about dudes who put their hands in girls' dresses while dancing with them.  It was probably one of the most popular posts of April 2k10.  ANYWAYS as an addendum to 'hands in dress pockets' we now have 'hands in butt pockets'.

These two bros, I believe, have been dating/boning for over a year now (basically engaged in college-years, which are like dog-years) so it is a pretty acceptable behavior, he wasn't putting his hand into some rando butt pocket (which would be weird and lacking consent).

There are a lot of pros but the 'hands in butt pockets' technique:
  • Get to touch a 'butt'
  • Convenient place to put your hands
  • Secretly shows affection for yer partner while in a public setting
  • Sends a message of 'look bros, this is my partner, yall can tell via my hand is touchin her butt'
  • Get to touch a "butt"
How do yall feel about the whole 'hands in butt pocket' technique???
Is this just an attempt to relive the glory years of 2010 Bloggin via referencing the past???



  2. She still has not forgiven me for taking that picture. Or forgiven you for hijacking it off of my facebook and using it on your blog. Probably even less so now that you are referring to it again. But every time I wear the pocket dress, I think of you and Smcmlol enthusiasts walking around sewing pockets onto girls. And laugh. :)

    1. HAHAH <3 <3 <3 I was hoping you would see this. I think it was taken on my camera?

    2. I thought so too, but after some investigation (because I'm in grad school and had nothing better to do than dig through my 200 odd facebook albums), I found it in my facebook album from the Singles Awareness Party. I think you were standing next to me though. So. Same thing. We can pretend you took it. :)