Monday, January 2, 2012

Winter Bloggerin

I was about to write about how I haven't blogged in ages, but apparently I blogged on Christmas via my phone had posts that never went through the WIRELESS AIRWAVES until Christmas.

ANYWAY how are yall doin??? Not rly sure what to blog about via lack of things going on.  Drove through the SMCM the other day and did not see anyone, where are yall?  missu bros.

Via the google adsense apparently yall are still visiting the blog which is rad.

ANYWAY leave a comment with
  1. Your favorite xxxmass/other holidays that I don't want to misspell and then have to look up gift that you received
  2. What I should 'blog' about via I don't know
  3. Who is your favorite 'my little pony'???

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