Tuesday, December 8, 2009

SGA Meeting 12/8/09

SGA Whatup

EDIT: Hahah I'm dumb as shit, I originally had the date as 11/8/09. Thanks Lisa

8:01 - Meeting hasn't started yet, but everyone just realized that the Point News article about tuition increase said that it was going up by 3300$ instead of 700$. Nice job point news.

The increase is 3%, which would raise tuition by 700$ total for tuition, housing, and other costs etc.

Again, tuition is going up by 700$, not 3,300$. Point News Fail

8:09 - SGA Meeting Starting!

8:10 - Guest speaker is a gurrrl here to talk about Relay for Life. They are playing a video about it and it is depressing because cancer is :[.

8:21 - ugh this movie is 7 minutes long. This sounds like a really cool program and I hope it's successful.

8:23 - apparently you stay up all night. I don't really get it. There is also track running which is unfortunate because track running is difficult when tired.

8:26 - For real though this is a great program and it is the main event that the American Cancer Society sponsors, and I think this will really bring the campus community together.

8:29 - The one speaker, Erika/Erica (dunno how it's spelled), is saying that she wanted to bring the program here because of her best friend's death due to cancer, which is really sad :[

8:33 - Oh my god. Historical Swordsmanship Club. Need I say more? Okay so, one of the kids presenting this, we nicknamed him "German Longsword kid. And this club is literally all about German longsword fighting. So I think we gave him the best nickname possible.

8:36 - Oh my goodness he has been training in the art of German longswords for six years, this kid is amazing.

8:40 - They are going to use kendo sticks to practice. They are like japanese wooden swords or something.

8:43 - For real though they had a really great presentation, probably better than any other club this semester. It passed!

8:52 - Sola is talking about Programs Board fund requests. Kinda boring but she is doing a really great job of discussing what each club wanted and what they were given.

9:01 - Finance Board time! We will be approving club budgets, this will be exciting.

9:05 - Hahah what the fuck, Ski Snowboard club wants to take a trip to fucking Aspen. What is this, NYU or some shit? Actually the price isn't that bad cause one of the condos is free, and they will be getting free rentals.

9:14 - Still discussing this

9:22 - Still discussing this

9:27 - finally done discussing ski and snowboard club

9:28 - just kidding, someone brought it back up, le sigh

9:42 - blah blah blah

9:43 - Katie Caffey is sitting next to me and looks like she is from Zelda

9:45 - Oh my god someone wants to balance the budget and cut $11,000 from the budget. Dear god nooooo

9:55 - I just realized that I rarely say anything during SGA.

9:58 - FUSE wants Chocolate Vaginas, and let me be the first to say that chocolate vaginas are delicious.

10:01 - Robb Kirchner and Alex Walls are standing against the wall, I think they are tired of sitting.

10:07 - Done with the budget woot.

10:20 - Adjourned!

10:21 - Tomorrow is my birthday!


  1. I totally like I'm Link today.

  2. Whoops, I mean I totally look like Link today.
    The real Link never would have made such an error. :)

  3. actually, birthday is in a month and one day.... if today is november 11th ;) happy birthday!

  4. If tuition is going up $3300, then why does the ski club get $5000 to go to Aspen? But hey, I guess thats more important than retaining professors and faculty

  5. Oh my fucking god read it! Tuition is going up by 700$ not 3300$. That is like the first thing I wrote! I'm sorry, it's just that we were all really angry at the point news for the mistake and don't want anyone to think that it's going up by 3300$.

    Wait how are tuition and ski club funding related?

    And I'm not in favor of funding the ski club 5000$ for a trip to aspen, but whatever.

  6. I apologize for the tuition error, that was my mistake. We have corrected it online and an all student email will go out tomorrow with the correction as well. I hope this remedies the situation, which can only be described as sloppy journalism on my part.

    Happy birthday!

  7. Kait Hines - TreasurerDecember 9, 2009 at 6:52 PM

    Tuition and ski club are two completely DIFFERENT things. The money for the ski club comes from the $250 student fee every student pays. This money goes directly to the sga, NOT the school. So there was never a chance that the money going towards the ski trip could have possibly gone to teachers. The student fee money goes towards the campus movies, comedians, world carnival, the TVs and microwaves in LQ and WC, and club activities. This includes trip to competitions for sports clubs, trip to renn fest for tolkein society, windsurfing gear to windsurfing, board games for board game club, AND a ski trip for the ski club. We are paying the 50% for hotels and 75% registration like we would for ALL clubs. We are NOT paying for food, NOT for air fare, NOT for travel, or anything personal like that. If SMUT wanted to go to colorado for a tournament, we'd still pay 75% registration and 50% hotel. Each club is treated fairly and evenly, some are just more expensive than others.

  8. Firstly, <3 Rob Kirchner, glad to see he is representing us well.

    Secondly, I love when tuition goes up 3%, any specific reasons for this?

  9. Yo Robb is the best ever.

    I mean, for one thing there is inflation which is usually around 3%. In addition, the state had to take back some of the college's money (right?) so that is probably another reason. So there were increases last year and this year which is lame but whatever. It's pretty lame but it could be a lot worse, like fucking UCLA with 30% increases. That shit is ridiculous.

  10. Yep! Ken would be correct on that one. Some things happen to get more expensive from year to year. I know part of the 3% is going to help pay benefits to College employees, so I hope no one argues about that being an inappropriate increase!

    Also, to the person who commented on money going to faculty for retention purposes, there is still a state-wide freeze on pay increases :(

    This is just an observation, but because we're so close to a huuuuge military base, we're not seeing the effects of the recession as much down here and I think it's easier for us all to sort of forget about it. But it's bad. Really, really bad. So just keep that in mind before you complain about tuition increase.

    K thanks :)

  11. Oh my god, I love Broadsword Kid in his awful Hawaiian shirts and gratuitous red coat. This is a more important issue to me than tuition increases.

  12. I wholeheartedly agree that Broadsword kid is a much more pressing issue than tuition increases.

    Also thank you Kait and Debbie for clearing stuff up/confirming things etc. I really appreciate it!