Sunday, December 13, 2009


I am going to miss college. eSuds tells you when it's done, and sometimes you can determine whose wet clothes you are pulling out of the washing machine, and then write on their wall telling them. It's a fun experience.

Dear Readerz,
Have you ever recognized whose clothes you are moving around in the laundry room?
What do you think of mysterious piles of clothes that sit in the laundry room all semester (esp. Dorch)
Laundry room etiquettes, is it cool to move around someone else's clothes?



  1. I find it is proper etiquette to move clothes, especially with e-suds i used to move peoples wet clothes to dryers since it didnt cost anything more to me. I wanna wash my clothes, so i move it!

  2. i fold people's clothes sometimes

  3. @Adam, Agreed

    @Anonymous, that is probably one of the coolest things I have ever heard today, and it makes me really happy.

  4. I don't put people's clothes in dryers, because some people have clothes that are supposed to be air dried, and they flip a shit if you dry their stuff for them. But that is really badass that you fold people's clothes for them. I should do that.

  5. It was maybe the best day ever when I went to the WC laundry room and found all of my stuff neatly folded on a table. People are awesome sometimes.

    I'm too lazy to be nice like that, so I don't take things out of dryers, 'cause I'm also too nice to take them out and just leave them in a pile.