Monday, December 14, 2009


Ladies at NC15 told me that there was Chlorine in the water as I was studying for anthropology. Some guy sent out an email about it. Apparently people in Prince George, Caroline, and Dorch (and maybe others?) have been reporting that their water smells/tastes like chlorine. I think we are all going to die, so begin PANICKING.

Also note that Keystone is nearly already water, so that may or may not be a good alternative to water. I would recommend drinking some Keystone pre-exam in order to avoid dehydration and such.

UPDATE: Trip report: Just smelled the water from my bathroom and it smells like chlorine. Go us! According to a website I just read, extended drinking of over-chlorinated water can lead to upset stomachs and irritated eyes/noses. So nothing serious really. Regardless, I would advise everyone to panic.

Dear Readerz,
  • Does your water smell like chlorine?
  • Are you pro/anti chlorine water?
  • Have you died from chlorine poisoning yet?


  1. i died from the chlorine poisoning :(

  2. I'm in NC 13. I just washed my hands and it's strong enough to really notice. And I have a friend in SC who took a shower and said it's really bad.

    That said, it might help. College students are fucking filthy.

  3. britta and not showering + drinking keystone. this is the only way to survive!!!!

  4. Dub C Fiddy smells like chlorine.

    More beer, more cookies.

  5. i would have but i had already died of dysentery on the Oregon trail :( :( :(

  6. Haha Mark Snyder made a funny!

  7. One day I will look back at this and laugh