Monday, November 16, 2009


St. Mary's is going to have an EMERGENCY test this Thursday. I don't know when, it is a mystery! You'll be able to hear the loud speakers that are on the ARC and Campus Center saying cool stuff about the EMERGENCY test. Also there will be a crawl on all student computers registered with the SMCM network. This is crazy! I didn't know they could do this. I am excited.

Emergency tests rule!


  1. Computer Crawl?

    Remember Ken,

    Big Brother is watching you.

  2. Big Brother loves me!

    I wish that they would randomly use that thing to do like
    "Good luck on your exams!" or something cool.

  3. If bradford was maybe more supportive of my college career and give me occasional pep talks and a little less likely to shut down my internets for no reason occasionally, I'd be more in favor of it.