Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Community Garden

Last week the Community Garden got pretty trashed by some people. Guy Kilpatric sent out an email with these pictures, explaining the situation. As you can see, the bamboo construction that used to be standing (I don't really know what for because I don't know much about gardening, but maybe support for plants like tomatoes, but I don't know if tomatoes can grow in this weather) got knocked over pretty badly, and some other stuff got kicked around.

This incident goes along with the recent graffiti and LQ Kitchen destruction of people on Campus messing shit up, and it's really lame.

I believe that at tonight's SEAC meeting they will be discussing how they will be repairing the community garden, so if you want to help out with this effort you should attend or email SEAC/Guy, and I'm sure they would love your help!

Also if you are the reason this happened then you should stop because it's lame and results in less food.


  1. you can also talk to me (Danny Ruthenberg-Marshall) about the anti-vandalism march / action happening in about a week and a half.

  2. i just found more vandalism today :(

  3. :[ Really? In the garden or where?

  4. it was in the baby-changing station in the campus center men's room. pink spraypaint.