Friday, March 13, 2009

Spring Break

It's Spring Break, so I probably won't update much, but I do have some cool news.

Marlena Weiss and I have been working on a blogging club, and we found a prof. to sponsor us, and we have written up a consitution. We will probably present it to SGA at some point.

Also check out this news article. From what I can gather, a guy put a dildo on a electric saw, the kind that goes back and forth/in and out, and then put the dildo in a lady's vagina. It sounds like a sweet idea, cause I guess it would work fairly well, although I feel like it would be really intense and not that enjoyable. Like slow and sensual would be a lot more enjoyable than a machine fucking me. Either way, the saw cut through the dildo and then it cut the lady's vagina and now she is in the hospital :[

ohhhhhh st. mary's county, you will always have my love and respect.

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