Thursday, March 26, 2009

Orientation Leader Interview

Last night I had my Orientation Leader Interview with Tricia Realbuto, Shannon Lockwood, and a very nice lady whose name I forgot.  I've seen her around campus before but I don't remember her name, I think it might have been Wendy though.  I was kinda nervous, not like super nervous, but interview nervous, and it's hard to remember people's names when you are nervous.  They were all very nice.

Before it started they mentioned having read my blog, and that they looked for their names on it.  I found this odd because I was pretty surprised that they knew about it, but then I thought that there was the possibility that I mentioned it on the application.  Regardless, I will now talk about the three of them in an attempt to be selected as an OL.

Shannon is very nice, we've met a few times and we had survey together.  I think she is from Jersey which is regrettable, but to make up for it she is into sailing and I think her family owns a marina of sorts.  Sometimes I see people with Lockwood Sails shirts and I get really jealous because I totally want one.  (this is how I intend to get one of those shirts).

Tricia is really nice and cool and I was glad to finally meet her.  I think I saw her at AquaAerobics once while I was teaching swim lessons, but it might have been Kaitlan Gruber because sometimes I think they look very similar and I get them mixed up.  I also try to block out most of my memories of teaching swim lessons because they often revolve around horrible horrible small children.

I am pretty sure mystery woman/Wendy/I wish I remembered her name is a student but I'm not positive.  I feel like I have seen her on campus before, but it might have been during orientation last August.  Either way she was also very nice and helpful.

I hope I have made all of their dreams come true by talking about them on this blog (probably not).

EDIT:  THANKS TO FACESTALKING I have figured out her name is Emilie Campbell.  Phew

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