Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pie Eating Contest

I stopped by the Math Department's 3rd annual Pie Eating Contest.  I find the math department very intimidating because all of the professors have been drinking way too much coffee and were way too happy and upbeat and it was a change of pace from the history department.  I was not able to handle it.  

They had a lot of pies to choose from, which I thought was pretty cool.  The rules were to eat as much pie as you could in 31.4 seconds.

Senator Van Parys entered, along with Senator Caffey.  Brian Van Parys won the first round, but after that I left.  So I'm not really sure who won, but hopefully it was Brian Van Parys.

Edit:  Senator Brian Van Parys in fact won.  He got a tiara as a prize.

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