Friday, March 27, 2009

Radical Updates

I was just conversing with Kaitlan Gruber and she has informed me that she and Tricia are in fact twins.  They were separated at birth but brought back together by college.  I am so happy for them!

The date auction got postponed until who knows when.  Lamesauce!

Ben Casto and I are currently playing the new pokemon game.  If anyone else is playing please let us know so that we may challenge you to a duel! (p.s. expect to lose because we have been neglecting schoolwork in order to play more pokemon.  I played pokemon while taking lecture notes today during history class)

Also don't forget Earth Hour this Saturday 830-930 wooooooooo  (turn off your lights)

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  1. margo plays

    also you should write about how making soup and spaghetti in a hot pot and also tea makes tea taste like soup and spaghetti