Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Happy Birthday SMCM LOL BLOG

Wow, it's been 5 years since "I," a 'st. mary's college of maryland "student"' started this blog.

June 10 2008 huh wow it's been a long time

Can't believe I haven't graduated yet

If you wanna check out some great posts uh don't bother hahah, there are no great posts

some great memories about this bloggin blog:

  • 90 pages of this blog printed out and presented to me, with 'problematic issues' highlighted
  • "I'm pretty sure 69% of the reason I made out with you is because of this blog" - an IRL 'girl'
  • "I hate you because of that blog" - an IRL 'girl'
  • "Please blog about me" - an IRL 'girl'
wow this blog has 'survived' 4 prezzies and probably a dozen directors of public safety (miss u santiago, dude who lied about his credentials)

huh wonder what the future will bring (more via, grammatical errors, and horrible posts about nothing, with the occasional actual news post that 'matters')

comment with yalls favorite 'bloggin post'


  1. My favorite series was when you had the Free Pizza Alerts.

  2. I've enjoyed the times when this blog has been cited by local news organizations.