Saturday, August 17, 2013

Urgo's Time at Hamilton

Several of you, dear readers, have informed me about several articles regarding Urgo's last months at Hamilton College in 2010 before he became the president of SMCM.

I spent a sold hour trying to read and understand the whole situation and by the time I got a solid grasp of the whole situation he had already been ousted so it was a moot point.

Also I meant to post this ~months~ ago sorry bbs


  1. why dont u talk to jurgo


  3. You also forgot to post about Pat getting fired from Admissions, and all the changes that are happening there (including even more firings after her). Try to keep up, would you? SHEESH.

  4. UGH that article linked above is ATROCIOUS. Not suitable for The St. Mary's Way, that's for sure.