Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Last week I ran an 'amazing' (probably 'best' article since the Urgo House for Sale article) blog post about Roger Stanton (currently on unpaid academic leave #byebye) exchanging drugs 4 sex. The post quickly spread all around the internet (like a beach ball at a Nickelback [see attached video] Concert ) because it was some juicy gossip.

But some did not believe. Some were not true believers. Some will not be saved when the 'author' of this 'blog' returns to campus (hopefully never).

Some like Laura Creech.

oh. just "some persons (sic) blog." wow is that all that I am~

(please note that yes I do play candy crush saga, jurassic park builder, and simpsons tapped out, and engage in snapchat sexting)

Laura Creech, I thought you went to a public honors college, I thought you would know that u can trust 'me'. What happened

what happened

~am i really all the things that are outside of me~ - the animal collectives

when will u learn to believe ???

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