Tuesday, April 2, 2013

SMCM Crushes

I was on twitter the other day (yo follow me @SMCMLOL i follow back~) when I noticed a new follower, @SMCMCrushes.

At first I thought it was some weird "yo tell us ur crushes and we'll match you up with someone who also has a crush on u~" but it's actually pretty entertaining. Essentially you 'anonymously' direct message your crush to the owner (who could it be!?!?) and then they tweet it out. Most are pretty funny, and only a few are legitimately creepy. Highlights:

  • "I would talk feminism and Tolkien with Marissa Muldoon for hours if I could. That marriage proposal was only mostly a joke."
  • "Too bad that bio babe Lexy McCarty is taken, her gluteus maximus is anatomically perfect."
  • "the boys basketball team"

Because I am merely a "student" I only recognized three names at most, but check it out anyway maybe? I think sort of thing is good for creating the "community" that everyone has been 'striving for' lately. Cute, harmless, and kinda funny.

Is this just the new 'send a note with "do u like me circle yes or no"' but now with the Internet? Should these people just take a shot or 2 and go confess their crushes irl ??? (answer: yes, it works at 69% of the time tbh)

Who do u have a 'crush' on? Are crushes even a thing after middle school ??? Are u gonna 'pursue' your crush during senior week (don't wait that long!!!) ???