Friday, April 26, 2013

Way too hungover for this 8AM

Last 8AM of the semester

Last 8AM of my life

No more waking up at 7:50 to get to my 8AM

No more sitting in a daze, not sure what is going on

No more professors realizing that everyone is hungover and putting on a movie for us

Instead just

Waking up at the 5:30AM-7AM range

Going to work hungover

Still have to 'get the job done' tho

Still gotta make that "scrill" ($$$)

Can't wait for my internship/entry level position/job my dadmom got me

Probably not related to my major but YOLO liberal arts~

Gonna put some SMCM memorabilia on my desk

Maybe a pennant/flag ???

Wear a SMCM sweater (crewneck) on casual fridays in the winter

~well i guess this is growing up~

remember the 90s ???

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