Friday, May 7, 2010


I have literally made 500 entries into the SMCM LOL BLOG. This is absurd. I will now tell yall the history of this...'bloggerything'

It was the summer of 2007. Bush was still our President (RIP [j/k]) and I was not a girl, but not yet a woman. College was looming. I was stalking the Class of 2011 SMCM Facebook group, looking for potential 'friends'.

I came across Kt Zawodny. She appeared to be a 'lesbian' due to her haircut (she isn't, I have proof), and we had a mutual friend or two, so she seemed like an ideal choice. I friended her and we began talking about smoothies at one point. Also she once called me at like 3AM during the summer asking for directions around Baltimore. Good times.

Flash forward to Fall of 2007. There has been an armed assault/thieving (half the school knows what I'm talking about, the other half has no idea) near historic. I am in Kt's room and we are making smoothies.

Flash forward a week. We are in the Campus Center getting smoothies. We eat them, they are delicious. We decide to start a blog wherein we review all of the smoothies that the Daily Grind offers. You can find that blog here, it was called 'Blending Buddies'.

So we did that for about a month and then gave up as you can see.

Flash forward to the summer after Freshman year. Bryan Miller, Ben Casto, and myself are best friends. We spend the summer hanging out, drinking, tanning, and shaving our legs. At one point I am bored and decide to start a blog about SMCM. Originally I kept my identity a secret, but then I gave up on that.

The first post I made at college was talking about how I will be live-blogging the SGA meetings in the future. Here is a link to the very first SGA live-blog. Feel like I'm going down memory lane. Actually don't bother reading this, I sound like an asshole dickface at times.

Anyway, thank you to all my readers, I really appreciate it. Some people I would like to thank
  • Dean Bayless and Kelly Smolinsky for telling me to stop being an asshole on this blog (dunno if I actually took their advice)
  • People who have graduated/transferred but still read
  • Anna Kasicky
  • Kt for getting me started on this
  • Loyal Readers
  • People like Kristina who told all their friends about this
  • Catherine Skinner for support and love
  • Other people that I have forgotten
I <3 us all!


  1. dear ken benjes, thank you. you have enhanced my life in both times of procrastination and times of relative freedom from the tyranny of school. now where are the t-shirts!? i am graduating. time is limited! if i don't have a shirt the likelihood that i will be able to 1. fend off terrorists 2. see ken benjes face everyday in some context besides facebook stalking 3. visually express my love for ken benjes will be severely impaired.

  2. i met you that day when there was the armed assault/thieving near historic. gts.

  3. I remember coming back to my room and being confused as to why there was a girl in there

  4. I fucking love you Ken Benjes. That is all.

    This blog is riDICKulous.

  5. Ken, you are a silly goose. However, I appreciate the connection I get with campus while abroad via your shenanigans. Thank you sir.

  6. "I friended her"

    Correction: I friended you. Because you were friends with Dennis. So there!